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Nov 5, 2009
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Good Evening everyone. I wanted to get feedback from other photographers instead of "in-store" clerks about which External Flash works best with the Nikon d90. I need something cost efficient (I'm a military wife with a low budget) but good quality. No more than $300 if possible. Input would be GREATLY appreciated by other Nikon users. Thanks so much!
There may be cheaper alternatives but I've read mixed reviews on the non Nikon branded flashes. I was thinking about the Vivitar 383 as it advertised as that it is compatable to the Nikon cameras. Even though the Vivitar has great specs I've read too many reviews where it's not fully compatable. The SB-600 is probably what I will get when I buy a flash ... it's about $100 more than the Vivitar but it's probably worth it.
Although I prefer the SB800, if your top line is $300, the SB600 would be my choice if you want TTL capabilities. There are some 3rd party units like Metz and Vivatar that should be compatible for quite a bit less $$$. Six months of using the flash, you'll probably be firing in manual mode anyway.
+ 1 on the sb-600

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