Eye Cup Vs. Eye Extender


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Dec 16, 2012
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I'm finding it difficult on my eye when I go shooting for long periods of time. I am not too good at just closing one eye, so my eye and forehead hurts from squinting and eye gets wattery. So the question is, does anyone use eye cupor or Extender? Please share the pros and cons of either if used. If not used a brief explanation would help also.

Ps. No I will not wear me eye patch. Arghhh
Eye Cup or *
Nope, but then I shoot with both eyes open... a thing I learned to do shooting competitive shotgunning that works well for photographing action, so no squinting.
I use both an eyepiece extender and an eyecup as I wear glasses 100% of the time. Sometimes I squint to close the left eye, sometimes I don't. Maybe that's why it's easier to wink/close/squint my left eye than the right...40+ years using a camera.
I must practice this new concept to me of shooting with both eyes open. I aslon ordered and extender & cup from amazon to give it a try see if any help.
Even with an extender or cup you could still shoot with both eyes open.

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