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Apr 12, 2021
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A difficult task utilising slow shutter speed- Bird eye AF and panning on a tripod a task set for me by @zulu42

Here is my best effort- the light was not brilliant in my defence :) It rained just after this shot


Les :)
I'd say this was a good attempt, the only noticeable blurring being at the wing tips. I've found a Monopod to be more user friendly with panning, but I've used both.
Looks good. The eye looks sharp enough - that makes the shot work. What was your shutter speed? Wing blur is one thing, depends heavily on the bird's "flap rate". But to get a sense of panning you really need the BG to be motion blurred - like a good auto racing shot.

I've tried panning birds only a little. I think it would take a lot of spray and pray to get the shot I'm envisioning. Here's one where I think I got a good BG motion blur - but not quite sharp enough on the bird. This was at 1/160 550mm.
…but it won't fix the horizon was a gimbal does.

Pentax uses in camera shake reduction rather than being on the lens giving 5 axis movement at the sensor. Auto level will correct +/- 2 degrees. In practice I've found as long as I keep the horizon close the camera does the rest.
Not bad but the wings could use some more blur, how slow was your s.s.?

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