F.S. Leica M3, 50mm DR Summicron, 135mm Nikkor


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Apr 15, 2008
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More of a feeler, I inherited an M3 outfit consisting of:

M3 Single Stroke, with self timer and preview lever, s/n 1,1XX,XXX
Leicameter MC, 50mm DR Summicron without goggles and a
Nikkor Q-C 135mm LTM lens with M adapter, original cap, hood.

The body needs a CLA, the slow speeds are not working, the vulcanite needs some patching under the lens mount, and the usual scuffing of the top plate from the meter; I need to buy a set of goggles for the DR and the Nikkor needs the iris blades cleaned of oil and the elements cleaned.

Rangefinder is bright and clear, is accurate according to both film tests and ground glass placed on the frame rails, the 50mm Summicron is clean and shows no signs of fogging.

While I have a good idea of what the camera with the CLA and goggles are worth, I'd consider selling it without, if anybody is interested in a nice example of a s/n 1,000,000 plus M3 that won't break the bank, shoot me an email at [email protected]

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