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Nikon Film Bodies, lenses


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Apr 15, 2008
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Yet more closet cleaning, I have the following available, pics on request.
I've priced things reasonably, in my opinion, depending on condition. Feel free to make a lower offer if you feel it's too high.
Preferred payment by USPS M.O. Shipping within 5 days (full time student...), via USPS priority mail flat rate, at cost.
For more information, or to buy, make me an offer, etc., please email me, [email protected]

Nikon Bodies
  • F2 Photomic, MD3, MB1 (as-is motor needs repair, camera needs new light seals) $125.00
  • FM2N Chrome, with MD12 $150.00
  • F3 with MD4 Motor Drive w/AA holder $150.00
  • F4S Camera Body $250.00
  • N90s Camera Body $75.00
  • N90s Camera Body w/MB10 $95.00

Nikon/Nikon mount lenses
  • Nikon Nikkor-N 24 2.8 (scalloped focusing, Factory AI conversion) $150.00
  • Tamron 28mm Adaptall 2 28mm 2.5 w/Nikon AI mount $75.00
  • Vivitar 28mm f2 (22XXxXXX serial, made by Kiron) $75.00
  • Soligor 35mm f2 C/D with hood $65.00
  • Nikon Nikkor S-C 50mm f1.4 (factory AI) $125.00
  • Nikon 85mm f2.0 AIS $125.00
  • Nikon 135mm f2.8 Nikon AI, user, with marks $75.00
  • Samyang 18-28 f4.0-4.5 Zoom $100.00
  • Tokina 70-210 f4-5.6 Zoom $55.00
  • Nikon 35-200mm f3.5-4.5 Macro $165.00
  • Nikkor-Q 200mm f4 (factory AI) $100.00
  • Nikkor-H 300mm f4.5 AI'd $125.00
  • Tamron Adaptall 2 500mm f8 mirror (55B) w/Nikon AI mount, filters, case $125.00

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