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    Most of you know that, I have been experimenting with Ektachrome IR the last few months. Wanted to have a few rolls processed with AR-5. Found Aerial Photo Lab in Daytona, Florida on web and that they processed EIR in AR-5, C-41 and E-6. But when I dropped the film off I found they no longer did AR-5 on site. They shown me a few sample of C-41 processed EIR and I decided try it. Tried shots with yellow, orange and red filters, with C-41 the recommend yellow seem to work.

    Setting: Ektachrome IR, Canon EOS 1, Canon 24-80 f2.8, filter yellow (maybe orange)
    Negative scan Epson 4180 Photo
    Proceeded by Aerial Photo Lab, Daytona FL with C-41


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