Family Weddings Are The Best!


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May 12, 2010
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My Cousin Chase got married a couple of weeks ago to his fiance Michelle. They had a wonderful wedding at the La Jolla Presbyterian Church. Our whole family pitched in to help put the wedding together and it came out amazing!

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Cody - you have produced a series of truly beautiful images for your cousin and his new bride! Interesting use of very wide angle and bird's eye perspective. Your photography has a fresh and fun feel to it. Magazine feel and quality.

A few of the indoor church shots aren't quite as crisp as all of the others in the set, but the dim lighting that is usually so common a challenge in church environments, combined with the large open space there is very difficult to work around.

All in all, these are superb wedding portraits from a very good photographer.
i have a wedding to shoot aug. 28th and i hope mine are half as good as these. I love the first set of the bride. the couple in the car would have been better if they were both in front seat. but i still like it. great job! which lenses did you use?
Outside/color images are really nice. Color inside the church is a tad orange for my taste. Not feeling the b&w's.
nice.. what is her ethnicity? She is beautiful (coming from an asian guy).
i love the image on the car, that really caught my eye the most. i think its the unique'ness of it.
Beautiful and I absolutely love the car hood shot!

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