Fashion of Japanese Girls!!!

I love how the japanese have a unique style.. Kind of like what we have here in California US
I see weird people everyday. But than again I live in Brooklyn and go to school in Manhattan lol.
wow lucky you... i wish chicks dressed like that in melbourne... the chicks here were really street poshy wear
voyeurism much?

lol j/k

this is cool :

Oh, yeah! These chicks ;)) I couldn't stop myself from taking them, and actually my camera wanted to capture them so badly.... ;))) I had to be very careful when I took that picture, cause they were just in front of me, and I was with a really big DSLR camera ;)) So I put it on the self timer, when it was really noise so they couldn't hear the shutter, and, action!!! :))
Based on my observations of the teens around here, these three are probably texting one another! Good capture.

girl on left : i think this guys taking a picture of us

girl in middle : i think so too, lets kill him

girl on right : desuuu~
The title of this thread alone makes it impossible to pass up. Very interesting shots. "smoking kills" is my fav.

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