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Jul 14, 2011
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By default for user accounts on this forum when threads go past 15 responses a new page is started. I've set mine to the maximum of 30 responses before a new page starts. For those who aren't aware how to do this:

Settings > General Settings > Number of posts to show per page > Select option you desire.

However, for threads that go longer than 30 replies, it is a bit cumbersome to access the most recent responses in the thread. You must load the first page entirely (for me that's 30 posts) and then you can click to the last page. It would be nice if the TPF home page had direct links to pages in the thread. Something like this:


I'm aware that you can change how the threads appear in

Settings > General Settings > Thread display mode:

The options are:
Linear- Oldest first
Linear- Newest first

I don't like any of the alternate options to the default "Linear- Oldest first".

"Linear- Newest first" feels backwards to me and Threaded/Hybrid is not aesthetic or pleasing to use.

"Linear- Oldest first" is the most natural and common way to view a thread. It would be nice to be able to access the newest responses via direct link to the last page.

I use Linear: Newest first. That way, I usually never have to go past the first page of posts anyway.
You can go directly to the last post in a thread regardless the threads length, with a single click:

$last post.jpg
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