Favorite photo with Nikon 50mm F/1.8 Lens


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Jul 5, 2009
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Fox Cities, WI
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Hi everyone,

I purchased this lens and it is supposed to be delivered on Monday - I'm excited to get it and mount on my camera ASAP!

Just wondering if anyone has any favorites shots that they took with this specific lens, I interested in seeing.

Thank you if you're willing to share! :)
50mm 1.8 AF, the pre-D model that ran from the mid-1980's until the early-mid 2000's. This is my son at 18 days of age, as seen in a mirror. I took this shot for posterity, so he could some day see how tiny he was, in relation to me. I'm 40 years old in this photo, done in 2003, and he's as I said, 18 days old. This was shot with a flash,bounced off of the very tall, 16 foot ceiling in the "silo bathroom", and so I set my aperture to to f/4.8 to take into account a roughly 30-foot bounce of the speedlight's flash.


I love how tiny his little feet are in this photo!
I am really liking this photo at the moment, it's not great but it's not one i thought about when i took it!

See the link to my flickr in my signature. (posting from my phone, so its easier than uploading)

I am using the Canon model, but have heard great things about both. Especially good lens for the price, very good lens in general.

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