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Feb 16, 2006
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Full colour with a restricted palette. It's a feather from a guinea fowl - one of the most birdbrained birds I know!


For more info go to: http://photoreflect.blogspot.com/2008/01/feather.html

Very well executed Tony, not quite your usual stuff. If I had a thought on it, I'd look to try a crop of some sort and see whether it works with only part of the feather showing.
looks good, but the background is distracting and doesn't give good separation on the feathers, so they blend together.
Very nice colours,

I used to have 2 baby guinea fowl, they don't look to cute as they mature lol.
Thanks for the comments guys - your feedback is appreciated. Your idea is just what I started with when I shot this feather Chris, but I was less happy with those efforts than this one. Incidentally it makes a surprisingly good print - better than many of my images that I think are better. This isn't a "Wow" shot, just a straight down the line "look at this feather, isn't it simply beautiful" sort of shot. The background is intended to be complementary, adding a little texture, light and shade, emphasising the separate quills on one side and blending with them on the other.

Regards, Tony

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