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Fence and statley home c 'n' c


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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And a great pic, too. Nice work. (if I WAS to get picky, it'd be over the greenish hue on the fence)
i wish the owner of the house hadn't planted a tree in what appears to be directly infront of the right flank of the house...

very unbalanced as far as architecture goes..but I think you did a good job of capturing it.
yes i agree the tree is distracting, they sent me off when i got my chainsaw out!
unbalanced how?
I like the saturation of the green on the fence. Great photo.
Wow there's a lot going on in that shot.

- the fence is cool
- the shadow of the fence is cool
- the trees on the left are cool
- the house is cool

In the end, I almost wish the house wasn't there because the stupid tree in front of it kinda mucks it up. I think I would have spent quite a bit of time trying to make the shot more about the fence and it's shadow than anything.

Still, very cool.
very nice photo. I like the natural yet posed (posed isnt the right word but you know what i mean!) feeling it has.

I think darkening the sky would make it match the rest of the photo.
patina lol, posh name for mould lol
here in warwickshire there are many mansions, many far superior to this. They are mainly used for corporate functions etc, roll on summer.
this is not one of mine, but looks like a real mansion

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