Festival of Fire


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Oct 7, 2011
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Valley Falls, NY
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Once a year a local artists' retreat holds "Festival of Fire" where artists get to showcase glassblowing, blacksmithing, welding, casting, and pottery. It's open to the public to watch, or they can sign up to take classes.

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Yes good set.I would love to see more of the works they produced.
Nice. The University of Maryland, College Park has their "pour day" every year when the sculpture class pours bronze into molds. I have a few shots in the archive.
How did you shoot the welding. They were very interesting.
The welding was shot on shutter priority so I could get the ember/spatter trails. In order to make sure those exposures weren't blown out I also used a variable neutral density filter. That filter also doubled as "welding mask" for me so light of the arc didn't harm my eyes.

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