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    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I have a old pentax mg as one of the cameras given to me from my dad and i was wondering If my camera is auto exsposure only what does that mean?

    if i have my cam set to auto will it automatically set the speed and apeture? or do i always need to set the apeture?

    just abit confused form what some ppl r tellin me

    also how do i know which fstop to use for example, like if i want the most depth of field should i just straight up use f22 or what?

    lastly has anyone heard of the brand astron???

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    Your questions suggest that your first stop should be to the library for a book such as '35mm Photography: The Complete Guide.' Also, and very important, get hold of the instruction manual for your specific camera.

    This will load your noggin with information in an orderly sequence. While forums like this one can answer individual questions, it will not provide you with all the information you need at this point. In addition, some of the questions you will ask may have more than one answer. You need a bit of background so that you can understand which answer makes sense for you.

    Your Pentax is capable of providing you with many fine pictures. You will not outgrow its abilities for quite a while, if ever. I still wander about with a Kiev 35mm made in 1976.
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    AE mode, or A mode is where you set the f-stop (aperture) and the camera calculates the shutter speed (exposure) automatically. You need to choose an aperture which allows a shutter speed which is reasonable for the length of the lens. The general rule is stay 1/mm or faster i.e. 1/50th or faster for a 50mm lens.

    f22 will give you the greatest depth of field, but you will only really be able to hand-hold that in bright daylight. Most photos benefit from some depth of field effect - especially portraits. f8 is generally a good place to be for most shots.

    Astron? Short for astronomy presumably. They're also a dutch contact lens manufacturer, Russian lighting company and many many others - it's a popular term.


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