Filters : how to choose the right one?!


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Mar 7, 2009
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Hello everyone,

I am learning a lot about photography these days and I still don't get it with filters.

Here's my question for you guys :

How do I choose the right filter, polarizer (for exemple screw-in filters) for my lenses (Nikon 18-200mm and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D) ????

I don't want to buy a lot of filters, so I think screw-in filters will be fine for me.

If you have any tips and good web sites to buy them, feel free to give them to me! :)

Thanks a lot! :hug::
Filters can easily be picked up from places like ritz, B&H, Ebay Ext. just make sure you get the right size for the filter threads on the lens and you'll be good, ex. 50 1.8 is a 52 MM filter thread size.
i also have tough time choosing filters. i currently just use quantaray filters, i ordered some tiffen and hoya filters but from what i've read from some people here the filters i have and the one's i've purchased are so so, and won't really do my photos much good.

i'm a pretty basic beginner photographer. i'm into photography more for the technical enjoyment not the artistic. so i like learning about the process, the equipment and how to achieve a good technical result.

that being said, i use basic filters mainly for protection and glare. the same would probably go for any beginner whether they are artistic or technical.

what i would like to know is what kind of filters the experienced users here put on their lenses.
Filter brands are just brands. Hoya is not a bad brand they just happen to make some a few bad filters.

Basically the quality of the filter is dependant on the quality of the glass and the antiglare coatings they have applied to them. I won't use anything lower than a Hoya SHMC series filter because I have found the lower grades affect the image quality:, but on the same token I won't buy a Hoya Pro1D since I found there to be no positive difference that is anywhere near worth the extra cost.
i also have a 50mm 1.8, could you recommend a good UV, warming, and polarizing filter for the 52mm screw in type?

i've found it very difficult to determine which is a good/bad filter while shopping online. each brand has 100's of filters for each type
I'd suggest stick with what gives you by far the best bang for buck. Typically this will be the Hoya / Kenko HMC or SHMC series, available from ebay.

Check your 50mm f/1.8 somewhere there should be the greek symbol thi and a number which determines the thread dimensions on the front of the lens. This is typically 52mm I think on most 50mm f/1.8s.

Then go shopping. Btw ignore the warming filter. It's a relic from the film days. The warming filter can me applied in photoshop with 3 clicks and even gives you a choice of the exact warming filter colour to apply.

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