Filters, vignetting and wide angles


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Dec 4, 2007
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While looking for some filters for an EF-S 10-22mm I've come across a number of these, "Slim filters - designed for use with wide angle lenses to prevent vignetting." Of course, there is a pretty good price difference, and some manufacturers don't have front threading on the slim models.

Is this a major issue others have experienced? First the decision to buy a "digital" filter or a "regular" "slim" vs. "regular"? Why do I feel like I will be ordering my filters from Starbucks soon. I'll have an iced ND4, slim, digital-coating, soy, no whip.

Any thoughts or experiences with vignetting on wides (17mm or more) when you affix a filter?
Some filters will cause vignetting on wide angle lenses, that's true.

I use a circular polarizer on my 10-22mm and it does not cause vignetting, that I have noticed. I don't recall whether or not, it's a slim filter...but it's not overly thick either (I don't have it here with me to check).

Normally, one filter will be OK...but once you stack a filter, then you will start to see problems.

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