Fingle Heads and Lighthouse in Infrared


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Oct 26, 2003
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Brisbane, Australia
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After the failure of my last IR film I was determined to make this one work. All of these photos were taken from the lovely Fingle Heads on the state boarder on a roll of Efke IR820 using a 720nm cutoff filter. Interestingly enough the Efke IR820 film has an anti-halnation layer on it like every other film, however it still has the haloing effect around bright IR objects that is characteristic of the Efke IR820 Aura, and the old Kodak HIE films, both of which lack the layer.

The first boring photo for comparison is an IR+visible test picture I use for developing. But it shows the massive differences IR photography can make to a boring scene:

#1: IR+visible photo of the island off the coast of Fingle Heads

#2: Photo 1 now in true IR. The island appears to float in the black water and sky.

#3: The lighthouse.

#4: The beach in front of Tweed Heads. The dust in the air makes the sky over the land appear brighter than normal for IR photography.

#5: Golden hour in IR

#6: Keira Beach in IR. Unfortunately slightly underexposed.

#7: Shooting into the sun. This image which would usually result in just a blown out sky shows how little IR light is scattered by the atmosphere. The ir+visible test exposure of this image was nothing but a white mess.

For those of you with film cameras who haven't tried this, DO. IR filters can be had for $50 and the film for much cheaper, but it's worth every cent. I hope this inspires someone.

Thanks for looking.
#6: Keira Beach in IR. Unfortunately slightly underexposed.

Nice shots Garbz. I know you think 6 is under exposed, but I think it is one of my favorites. It has an very ominous feel.

Good work.

Only slightly underexposed. Nothing that wasn't fixed once I actually got the picture into lightroom.
i like #4 the best
and the last one is pretty interesting too
nice experiment :p

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