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Aug 4, 2003
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behind the viewfinder
yesterday we had a bunch of firetrucks in our street, guess there was a gas leak or something. Sure enough we didn't have anything better to do than run downstairs and take pictures... Here's the result of an unprepared doxx :roll:

well, my entire roll of "digital film" was busted :cry: ... not even a hose ...

i like ur compostion ... its a little blurry though :p
Actually I like this picture. The composition is good and the expression is great. I think the blur gives the photo a sense of chaos which a fire can certainly be.
You're out-voted Dew, the blur lends a sense of immediacy to the shot & that expression is priceless.

its still a good shot doxx...
i like the facial expression of the fireman.
Well I'll go the other direction on this one. The composition was cool but I'd say it would've been at least 50% better with sharper image. The lighting and mood would've still been there I'd say. Curiously I had a somewhat similar experience with a fire near my work in downtown Copenhagen about a month ago. a little before 6am in the morning and it was dark, without making proper adjustments I got mostly unusable blurred shots similar to what you have here. Though I would say your shot is at least a keeper!

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