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Sep 9, 2010
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Like the title says this was my first time at a night time photo... I had to crop some of the water off the bottom because I was on a weird angle and there were bushes in the foreground... I also learned that night that my new remote doesn't work in bulb mode :thumbdown:
Also there were a TON of hot pixels all over my shot... I'm not sure if it was the fact that a truck shone its lights at me in the middle of the exposure or if my camera is just crap lol

Nice yes, just too much sky for my liking, the top quarter of this photo is all the same contrast sky, it's kind of boring. The bottem left corner though thats nice. I think maybe a bit closer up would have been nice. Great first photo though.
I love the detail in the clouds, but I agree that I would like to see more land in the picture.
Thanks, I was trying my new Cokin filters but stupid me its not going to change the color of a blackish sky lol, I would have put more of the left in the picture but a tree blocked it :(
i would also have cropped out the top quarter. it's kinda boring but the rest is really good
I love how you can see the light yes, I think the zoom would have added something.
I don't know your settings or your setup for that matter, but try this:
Iso 100, maybe an aperture of F/8 and see what you get. just to start off with. Go back and try all sorts of different settings experiment.
Thats the exact same settings I had it on :) It was with my kit lens at 21mm, I was trying to do something at a wide angle... I would have taken more then the 3 photos that I did except my "assistant" lol, fiance, didn't listen to me when I told him the sun sets really fast this time of year!
Love the pic but when u have too much sky like that, crop it out

Yeah that looks a lot better! Thanks :)
Its quite a good attempt. I think you definitely need more foreground on this shot.
good work.

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