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Apr 28, 2004
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Here are a couple of shots I took at New Year. They are not very good, but they are my first attempt. It was basically pot luck as there were fireworks going off in all directions.


Pretty neat. The tree is probably a personal thing whether to love or hate it...

I personally think it's ok in the first one...don't like it in the second.

But you have the technique down...
Good job for your first attempt. My first attempt at shooting fireworks did not work at all. I do like the tree shape of the fireworks and how they fill a lot of the frame.

Just a suggestion: next time try decreasing your shutter speed so you capture more light from the fireworks. Also, try not to shoot with a tree right behind the fireworks; it's a little distracting (if you look closely).

Besides those suggestions (which are only my opinions), I think you did a great job.
Hey, I've only had my D-SLR for a short time. I would be interested in the settings you used...
Hi DadOf2,

The shutter speed was 4 seconds and the aperture was f/11. Be sure to use a tripod or the image will just be a blur at that shutter speed.
Thanks dezmaas,
We don't get fireworks around here much until summer time but that gives me a good place to start when time comes.

Thanks again...

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