First bug MACRO attempt, fairly pleased. CC.

I think it's pretty good despite my hatred of spiders and all but I don't know if I'm seeing this correct in iPad. But maybe if you cropped a little off the right other than that I like the lens your using .
A good start!

If you caught him before it got down in the shadows it'd been even better.
Indeed! I think it was lucky that I got him at all. He was traveling pretty fast and I somehow managed to get him in focus. I love how you can see that he's crawling down.
Did some cropping, lightening, small levels adjustment and sharpening and came up with this. This image is on my site for the sole purpose of showing it here larger but will be removed in a couple days or sooner if you request such.


Thanks man! That looks great. No worries, keep it up as long as you'd like!
it's good.
the sticks in the upper portion of the frame are distracting as well as the "chopsticks" that seem to be reaching out for him.
the edit-assistance jr brought enhances the appearance. if you could've gotten lower and in front of it to make it seem he is crawling towards you, that would ahve been better yet.

on a side note, for a first attempt, it's pretty good. i have a problem with octo-legged brethren so approaching is an ordeal in its self, not to mention seeing an enormous arachnid in the view finder. each small movement for me is hair raising to say the least.
Yes, it's very difficult to keep them in focus as they're running haha.

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