first couple of pics with the new camera


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Oct 29, 2007
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hey guys went to the beach today and here are some of the better pics. still havent gotten an sdhc card yet so i was limited to only being able to have 11 pics!

our dog maggie:


we were playing washers and when the washer would roll on the sand it would make these cool little patterns:


and a 2 photo panorama of the sunset:


i really think the washer one turned out pretty cool. also got a great shot of my girlfriend, but she requested not to be put on the internet! so howd i do for an amateur photographer?
Maggie is SO CUTE!!! Love those sunset light on Maggie's body! Nice catch for Picture 3 - Look like a HUGE nuclear explosion faraway!
No. 2 is not bad. The first one is not great, too much stuff in the background and the angle is not very good. Getting down on the dog's level would be better. No. 3 is OK, but a shot of the ocean as the sun was setting would show some nice colors, in my opinion.

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