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Jun 8, 2010
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Cedar Hill, Missouri, USA
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I've never been so in awe of mother nature as I was tonight. We had the thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms tonight. My sister and I went up to some bluffs that overlook a valley along Highway 30. It was constant flashes, but most weren't bolts, they were just lighting up the clouds. Towards the end, we were really getting worried. It was pretty intense.

Here's the results of our little escapade:





No.4 is on viagra man, awesome. Looks like 3 of them hit around the same area.
Had you considered merging the first 4?

Merge, let me know if you'd like it removed.

Holy crap, that's amazing.
The merge is really cool, too!

Damn those are HUGE
Nice. Number 4 is epic. I've always wanted an opportunity to do this but we didn't get any close thunderstorms this summer. Did you do any PP yet? I might be tempted to sharpen and up the contrast a bit.

@ RobNZ - nice merge.
These are so cool. We've been having some awesome thunderstorms too, but I value my life... ;)
Thanks for the comments. I found out this morning that there was a tornado where my aunt lives. It literally took the trailer next to their's and put their trampoline in the woods behind them. They live about 10 miles from where we were shooting.

I did some adjustments in ACR. Mostly exposure and saturation adjustments. I think I upped the blacks to better silhouette the tree in some of them. I didn't think to sharpen them.

Rob: I like the edit. My sister and I discussed adding them together, but it was 1:30AM when we got back, so I just wanted to get them posted, lol. You did a good job of putting them together. :thumbup:
Very cool pictures! I love number 4!

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