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Sherman Banks

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Feb 24, 2009
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Rain City
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Been lurking around the forum and decided to put up some photos from my recent trip to Hawaii. I do a bit of post processing with CS4, mainly just pushing some levels here and there. I often like to keep my photos dark with high saturation, but I don't know how well that translates to other people though. Feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for looking!
1. Taken the first day (My pregnant wife as the subject). Unfortunately I didn't see the effects of stacking my polarizer on top of my UV until later.

2. Yeah, we're not really hippies but we do love the trees.

3. I'm an architecture student.

4. Don't know the guy but he was ripping.
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Heya, welcome to ThePhotoForum! :D
Nice to see the first few of your photos here.

So the vignetting was the effect of stacking your polariser onto your UV filter? OK, that explains it some ... else I would have said "Why did you add the vignetting"... I myself don't like vignetting at all, but that's purely subjective and shouldn't bother anybody who likes it added. I understand you didn't really mean for it to be added?

That tree is impressive, indeed.
And we can see that you like architecture :D.

I think, my favourite of the bunch is the surfer! Good action shot, good moment. Pity about his arm, but well... And do straighten the horizon, that's my little nitpick about that one. Easily to be corrected, though.

Post more! :D
Yeah, unfortunately I just purchased both filters and didn't realize that at 18mm, it caused the vignetting with them stacked. And the crooked horizon bothered me too but I wasn't really liking the cropping I had to do in order to straighten it. I wish the arm wasn't blocking his face, but I feel lucky to have caught that shot as I did anyways. Good thing I packed the telephoto that day. Your response is much appreciated and thanks for the warm welcome!
Horizon fixed on the surfer photo. Let me know what you think.
I myself like it better than the previous version. Now I no longer get the impression as if in no time my desk will be all under water from the amounts soon to flow out of my computer screen ;) ;) ;).
Haha, good call. I was just being lazy last night (was only a 2 minute fix). My wife even let me know I was lazy to post it like that. Thanks for the advice!

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