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Aug 13, 2010
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My first senior, CC please and thank you! :)

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Good job on the first time.:wink: You did LOTS better than I did my first senior shoot! Good clear focus; and I'm loving the light you caught in her eyes and on her hair in the 3rd photo. Her skin does look a little rough in this picture however.
She's a beautiful girl but I'm not liking the pose of picture #2. her hands look stiff and un-naturally placed on her legs, and the way she is leaning forward makes her shoulders hunch kind of funny.

But thats just my totally untrained eye critiquing this so you would do better to go off of someone else's more experienced in put! GREAT JOB!
Thanks, anyone else?
I think you need to learn how to pose the "model" better...and in number 2 the white of the chair is too bright that it draws our eyes away from the girl to the chair...
Were you on a ladder?

Also, she does seem to blend into the background of the first shot.
of the three the third is the best...
on the first one, shes lost in the shot
the second one, has merit as i love the BW on this, but she seems posed very awkwardly...

ive always told my clients.. if you feel awkward, you are, ... relax...

in the third shot, i would take the vignette off though
Hey, sorry but I'm not a big fan of any of them. You will get there for just takes practice. Here are my suggestions...

I'm not a big fan of shooting downward at someone. It gives the feeling of them being inferior or small.

1. It feels a little awkward being that high above her, and she just looks kind of uncomfortable in whatever she is sitting in. I would recommend maybe getting down closer to eye level or laying on the ground for some other angles.

2. This feels a little awkward with her slightly leaning over...she just doesn't look comfortable. It's also a little crooked/tilted. You should either have it very crooked so it looks like you did it on purpose or try and have it straight.

3. The smile looks forced in this one, and also you are shooting way down at her again.

You may have been nervous for this since this was your first senior and that is very normal. Just keep practicing! Nerves are good before the shoot...they get your energy and your creative juices flowing if you can deal with them correctly. Keep practicing and try other angles!

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