First shots with my 20d


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May 13, 2013
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kent, UK
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I didn't want to re upload the pictures to a new thread as already put them up in a different post.

These are my first shots using my 20d in Av mode using an fd mount 28-200 macro zoom.

Please feel free to offer advice/praise/criticism

I'm learning on the slr side of things so taking all advice I can get.

If a admin could copy/move my post to here that would be good also

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Cross posting is a no-no
I had a feeling they were slightly underexposed will have to work on that still getting used to getting the aperture set correct so they come out right without editing. I have the raw files so may sort the exposure out on them then i can see where i need to be. I didn't think the blur was to bad. The grey cat was deliberately focused on the face with the rest out of focus. I may have introduced a bit of blur through camera shake though as was free hand so no tripod, only disadvantage of those lenses is that they are heavy beasts to keep steady.

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They are all very underexposed and are also very blurry.

Hmm i can solve the unintentional blurring but having issues with the exposure in av mode.

Even using a large aparture like 1.8 I'm struggling to get the exposure right on indoor/lower light shots.

I'm playing with the flash at the moment to see if that helps. I guess there is a subtle difference between an acceptable image to the layman and a "good" image.

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