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Jan 18, 2006
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Port Angeles, WA
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Our cameras showed up last night but unfortunately they arrived after dark. I didnt have a chance to take it out and get some shots (I really didnt want to start out at night) so I took a few junk shots around the house then left this morning to see what I could do. Its a crappy day and I really got nothing back that I was 100% impressed with...but its a start.





Thanks for looking....
Its a Panasonic Lumix LZ2. Its just a point and shoot but the thing has 6x zoom and so far I am loving the pictures. Its got the image stabilization and a ton of great settings so it makes my job much easier.

The only thing I dont like is it doesnt have a viewfinder, which is odd because I never used it. Its just weird not having it there.

Overall I am happy. At this point I think I am going to stick with this instead of the film for awhile.
Nice pictures!
Congrats on your new camera!!!

Hope to see more pics!
:hug:: for that first photo here.
If you know me a little by now, you will know what the :hug:: are for, hm?
nice shots! and grats on the new cam :thumbup: hope you enjoy it!
Well I spent the day driving 45 minutes to the next town over taking shots. I had planned on hitting downtown then up to the old military bunkers but I just could not bring myself to leave downtown. It was amazing.

Ill try and get something up soon. To cap off my wonderful night with my new camera I arrived home to discover that I would have to reformat and reinstall Windows on my laptop. Fortunately I had backups. I am still not finished and its 1:57 AM. :(
I took almost 150 shots tonight but these are the 3 that jump out at me right now. I am sure I will post some more later on.




Thanks for looking...

I would really like to get some more shots of that building in the second shot of my first post. Its our federal building though and when I was taking those shots I was afraid that somehow they would consider me a homeland security risk for quickly pulling pulling over and walking up and down the sidewalk taking photos of the federal building from every angle. :lmao:

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