First Sunny day in a while

Aug 1, 2007
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Houston, TX
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My School is having a photo contest of "nature" stuff around campus. I had been meaning to take photos around campus ( we have probaly one of the best campuses in Houston, TX) but never quite got a chance to because for most of last week and half of the week before it was all very gloomy and rainy with no sun light. Thursday morning I planned on taking some photos as wednesday night was clear but to only irritate me further around 10:00 thursday morning it started raining sideways as a cold front blew in. Throughout my next two classes (on a half day) i was praying that some miracle would happen so i could take a few pics after school ended and lo and behold a gorgeous sunny day greated me as I left my last class. Here are some pics... I edited some of them to enhance colors and cropped a couple. Some of them i may have gone overboard but i was going for something like that becuase the judges of the contest aren't very critical on photography and are most likely looking for the bright colors.


This is a pic of some of the construction going on around campus, I'm mostly including it because construction has been something that has almost become part of daily school life (decreased parking and dust on cars). I don't remember editing it


Picture of some art on campus (yes that is a moose). Our school is considered a musem because of the art we have on campus, making this (the moose) one of the more distinctive parts of campus.

Just saturated the colors some more.

A good view of a building, some art, and the soccer fields on campus. You can see the moose previously mentioned in the middle distance


Yes, I know that a hackysack is not very natural, but around campus they can often be seen on the ground in the middle of a sidewalk to i decided to take a pic of one and see what happens.

Thanks for any comments, criticism, etc


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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When you go up the saturation, try not to up the saturation of ALL the colours that make the photo (red, yellow, green, blue, magenta and cyan), but also of a select FEW. I usually ONLY up the saturation of yellows and reds (in varying degrees), and sometimes also the blues. No more. Then "overboard"-mistakes such as in Photo 3 cannot really happen any more.

I think I get your idea behind Photo 6, but am not sure it came out the way you wanted. Well, maybe it did, but to me the blurred background still shows too much, most of all the green bin, and I get totally distracted by it. Maybe try something similar from a slightly different point of view so you get much less of the much brighter (and therefore automatically distracting, since brightness pulls the eyes) background.

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