first time shooting a baby... tips tricks?? help?


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Sep 7, 2010
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my wife was keeping the baby entertained for the most part trying to get facial expressions out of Mckenzie .. the model

im assuming the only trick really is to get as many shots of the kid without its thumb in their mouth?? :p

it was hard keeping the blanket or a stuffed animal out of her mouth so we can see her pretty face..

got lucky with this image as she had a very unique look on her face.
anyone have any suggestions on things todo on set to keep the child engaged / smiley?

im not very good with kids haha this is not my forte however there is a large demand for it in my area so i thought.. what the heck
oh as for lighting.. i was just shooting a strobe head into a white sheet that was hanging from a sliding door about 4 feet behind her .. with a white bit of foam core in front to bounce a little light onto her face.
It's a good shot with a great pose & expression (Say I the childaphobic photographer), but it's a tad hot on the right side (Image left) of the face). It looks to me like perhaps the reflector should have been moved further image right which would have reduce the hot areas as well as brightened the shadows. As far as dealing with children? The only trick I know is "Don't".

Get some peacock feathers. Seriously.
peacock feathers? ... as a prop? or a way to amuse the child? ... (or both?:p)

little hot on the left.. for sure.. was struggling with that.. didnt want to move the location or readjust the setup too much.. the kid was bout ready to go into a fuss from what the moms said due to not having a bottle yet..
(so much you need to take into consideration shooting kids hahah)

i figured id leave it and it might look kinda "interesting" when i brought the shots into lightroom.. i wish it was a little less blown out on her arm.. perhaps next time i'll move further from the backdrop..

what do you think of this one? - McKenzie Burnett
Q: "anyone have any suggestions on things todo on set to keep the child engaged / smiley?"

A: peacock feathers....emu feathers..ostrich plumes...

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