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Jan 12, 2009
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Edmond, Oklahoma
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like the title says, this is my first attempt at selective color. I did these during an engagement shoot, and thought they would be strong for this process. C&C please!



nice i really like the idea but he needs a little blue as well
I think the first one works but the other two don't. The 3rd looks a little cheesy (I think it's mainly the dude's expression) and the coloring looks somewhat random.

The main issue I have with selective coloring is that you compose the photo around a subject, turn it to black and white, then add color back to another part of the shot and in a sense... creating another subject. So I feel like the composition is pulling me towards one subject and the colors pulls me towards another. To me, that's why selective coloring only REALLY works on a very few pictures.

I think it works on the first because the subject is clearly the eye and the coloring emphasizes it but that's the same reason it ruins the 2nd and 3rd shot. The color emphasizes one thing while the photo emphasizes another.

Please tell me I'm making sense. :)
(I think it's mainly the dude's expression)
If you don't open your eyes when someone is taking your picture, you look high as a kite. If you are high as a kite, then it's really difficult to open your eyes.
#1 would've been much better if the eye was actually in focus...
the eye is nice, but im just not a fan of selective color...and i agree with the above...why the shirt? what's the significance of the shirt that it deserves to be color. (rhetorical's just what i ask myself when i look at the image.)

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