First upload; Two worlds, c&c please


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Sep 10, 2010
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Chattanooga TN
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Trying to move from nerd with a camera to producing some shots to be proud of. Testing out many different styles, here are two I've done recently that I like so shred them up! What could I have done do make them better?
ISO 100
f 5.6

ISO 100
f 1.8
first one rocks. second one is a good shot but nothing special. the guy in the background disturbs the portrait
Some comments from another Geek-witha-camera:

#1. The bridge is leaning too much away from the viewer. I think you should straighten it, or even retake it if you can.

The dark shot makes it look a little ominous. The red cast adds to this. If ominous was your intention, you can get in closer below the bridge or even make it lean toward the viewer (just a smidge).

You could also crop the left side just a little and I don't know ... maybe increase the contrast a bit.

I have to add that I like the photo. Before I started looking for "what can be improved" my first through was Wow this is a beautiful bridge.

#2. Weird eyes. Did you flatten the picture (squish it vertically)? The eyes draw me but I don't have much comments besides that.
Nice to see af fellow Chattanoogan on here! Our bridges are amazing to photograph. Seems you have a good eye for intersting subjects.
I'm not a big fan of the down-lights on the bridge. not much you can do about that except reshoot at a slightly earlier times so that the contrast isn't so great on the columns. You might get some interesting sky in there too if you reshoot.

The second one probably needs some fill light to pull her away from the background. She kinda reminds me of Randall Flagg's girlfriend in The Stand.

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