First wedding, C&C please.


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Aug 7, 2010
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Hey guys, I just shot a friends wedding for fun as a back up photographer to the professional guys. I shot with a Canon 50D, 70-200mm usm mainly and a few with the 50mm 1.8. What do you think.


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Nick and Amanda Foley Wedding October 16, 2010 - a set on Flickr
Great pictures!! I am shooting a friends wedding in May (first time). I have the Canon 40 D and I am going to rent a lense. Any helpful suggestions? Your pictures turned out really nice!!!
Here's my take, if you want - take my advice, if you don't - don't.
The bad: none of the images seemed setup by you so can't really say what you or can't setup, and of course flat boring lighting.
The good: well exposed, well framed - thats a big thing b/c I have photographers who work for me (used to work for me) that complete screwed up on both and left me with 3x more work then needs be.
Doesn't really matter if it is your first wedding or just going out with friends for a shoot - they don't pop. There are few ways of having your images pop and give this so called WOW factor one is using optics and second is lighting. You've only done one of them.
If you want to PM to talk more, don't hesitate.
Good luck
Hi Rock! Looks like you had some fun taking these pics, and you captured some wonderful moments. I would make the following suggestions:

Photos were just a bit under exposed. Skin and eyes were a little bit dark.
Skin tones are a little cool. Most likely, this is because your lighting was cool too. This can be adjusted in post processing. When shooting people, you want to color correct for pleasing skin tones.

Here's an example:

Let me know if you want to know more about color correction.

I would love to learn more about color correction
Thanks guys, I did that to some of them but I wasn't sure if I would over do it. i still have all the raws so I edit them again if need be. What areas of the raw image would I change? It seems to be saturation and vibrance but when I adjust it it seems to powerful.
CNCO and Rock, I use a curves adjustment layer to color correct my images. I open the layer, then using the eye dropper, hold Shift and click on the skin. Try to pick a spot without highlights or shadows, kind of middle of the road. Then check your info pallet to your RGB numbers. In the example above, the Green and Blue levels were about equal numbers - not supposed to be for good skin tones. My rule of thumb (though there are exceptions) is that the Blue number should be about 1/2 of the difference between the Red and Green channels. For example, if the Red is 200, the Green is 180, then the Blue channel should be about 170 (200-180 = 20, half of 20 is 10, so 180-10 is 170).

Once I have a rough idea of what my blue should be set at, I select only the blue channel in the drop down menu, hold the CTRL key and click again in my sample point. This sets a point on your blue level. Then using my down arrow key, I start reducing the blue to my ideal number. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. This is subjective. Watch your image and see what looks good. You will notice that not only do the skin tones look warmer, but the other colors seem to pop more. Don't go too far! You don't want your skin to look jaundiced. :)

Give is a try! Send me a message if you need more explanation

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