First wedding - what to rent?


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Jan 25, 2009
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Hi All- haven't been around here much lately, been busy busy (not with photography, unfortunately). I just booked my first wedding. It's for my co-worker who is a fellow ameture photograher and professional graphic designer and artist (murals and what-not). Greatness is not expected of me, although of course I want to provide it.

You can see my *cough*lack of*cough* equiptment in my signature. I have experience with the 24-70 f/2.8L, so I'm thinking of renting that along with a secondary flash unit (580). I already have a 2nd camera body secured. Conveiently, my dad has a Rebel as well that I will bring along. I am very comfortable shooting with my 50mm and working around its shortcomings, but realize that I obviously need more.

Suggestions beyond the 24-70 and Speedlite 580?

And trust me, I will be doing a LOT of reading up and practicing before the event in June.
3 lenses:

- A fast (F/1.4) 50mm or 85mm F/1.2
- The obvious 24-70 F/2.8
- And the wedding photographer's bread and butter lens... the 70-200 F/2.8 (IS if you are a Canon person).

You should have a backup camera too... this is a mandatory thing. How about enough memory cards to take at least 2500 pictures... extra batteries? You should have a minimum of at least 2, 3 is better.

As for the lenses, rent them for at least a week before going to the wedding and practice with each one... a LOT... trust me you WILL need at least a week to get used to lenses such as these. Each one has a very specific result and demands of the photographers and if you have not used them before... well let me be kind and say that if you would consider learning how to use them at the wedding, you would be better off not even renting them.

I do hope you have quite a bit of experience in photography to do a wedding, BTW... this is not the place to be learning... well, people here know what I am about to say, so let's just say... if you are not an advanced experienced photographer, it may be better for the B&G if you left it for the professionals... unless you are a 2nd photographer, in which case you have someone there for guidance and help... which, trust me, ALL first, second or even 10th time wedding photographers need.

Perhaps I could suggest that you read THIS as well. It's not completed but better than nothing. ;)
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I agree with Jerry. The 70-200 2.8 is my work horse on just about any assignment, including weddings. I would practice your strobe work. For weddings especially, I think good strobe work is essential.
Thanks for the reply. Like I said, I have experience and am comfortable with the 24-70 as well as my 50mm f/1.8. I plan to rent everything not only in advance, but once before the wedding as well. I am very comfortable shooting other events - engagement, familes, grad pics, etc. A wedding is a totally different beast, obviously, but I think this is the correct event for me to start with. It's not huge, it's not too fancy, and the expectations aren't too high (which means nothing to me, but it does de-stress it just a slight bit). I am supposed to be 2nd shooting a wedding here in May with the professional who did my own wedding. I need to secure that 100% to get a feel for the behind-the-scenes aspect.

Oh, and I also did state that I have a 2nd camera body secured already. I have more than enough memory (I shoot completey in RAW at this point so I've adjusted to the uber large file size). Batteries.....need more of those. I have plenty of batteries for the speedlites already in my case....thinking out loud here ;)
You have tons of time... talk to pros... read, read, read and practice tons. I suggest that you join a couple of the flickr wedding forums, there is a TON of good info there.

Good luck! :)

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