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Oct 1, 2007
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Hi, I would like to get a fish eye lens but am looking for asomewhat cheap price being how I want it just as a side thing, not something to pursue constantly, so I was wondering what you would all suggest. I know there are those filters you attach to your lens but I'm guessing they are useless? Let me know what you all think, maybe share some of your photos you have done, and with what lens.


PS...I use a canon xti, thought that might be helpful
Fisheye lenses are likely one of the most expensive kinds of wide angle lenses on the market... they all come at a premium price becuase they are so specialized in terms of their performance and type of effect and output.

A fisheye is also very likely the lens that you will use the least, so you have to really like them a lot to justify the price. In the world of fisheye lenses, you are going to get what you pay for.

If you go to the Canon site, you will get to see what they have to offer in that area for you.

Might I suggest something like an ultra-wide lens instead? Look at the Sigma 10-20mm lens with the Canon mount.
These are few i have done with a fisheye cheapo attachment thing, meant for video cameras i think. There ok if you just want to have a mess about with it but you do loose a lot of image quality. There ok fo the ÂŁ40 or whatever i paid but its nothing on a real fisheye lense ;)


Also, there's circular and diagonal fisheye lenses...and usually diagonal are more expensive...
You're gonna spend around 500 for a lens for a canon...even if you go sigma, it's not really much cheaper...

Evaluate your needs vs price.
You can occasionally pick used ones up for like $300-400, but new plan to spend like $500. You would have to be an event photographer or a wealthy hobbyist to justify the price.

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