fisheye ~vs~ crop factor


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Aug 2, 2010
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A 15mm fisheye will be the equivelant to about 24mm with Canons crop of 1.6.......but will distortion be considerable due to the lens being a "fisheye"?
Moreso than say, the 14mm 2.8?
Crop factor is an unexpected (and expensive) obstacle with my first DSLR.....wide & fast is my main concern for a first, most often used lens.
Im gonna lose my mind looking for a lens that suits my price range/field fo view now.
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That depends entirely on which lens you get. If you get a full frame fisheye for the a camera with a crop-factor you won't get the same effect. However there are lots of dedicated fisheyes for cameras with APS sized sensors.
J-Digg, thanks for that link. My dilemma is that I just switched from a Canon Elan to the 20D....without researching (long story). I was unaware of the term "crop factor" at the time of purchase. It's what I get for assuming a camera is a camera.
Now, this is effecting my lens decisions, which in return is forcing me to look at more expensive lenses = angles way wider than I would normally need.
Solution is im currently teaching my wife how to shoot, and will most likely give her this 20D (versus getting her a rebel for starters) and I'll be considering spending money on something with a full frame sensor....5D, 1Ds or the like. (i havent began researching what canon models have full frame sensors yet other than those two)
I guess it just makes more sense to spend $600-$800 on a good (used) full frame camera than $1000+ on a (used) 14mm or 16-35mm, just to give me a 20mm field of view.
Any opinions?

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