Fishpond in the Tropics C&C please


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Sep 20, 2010
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Some of my earlier shots. I took these using a point-and-shoot, then enhanced using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photomatix (only for the first picture). I'd be really happy to hear comments and criticisms. Thanks ;)

Mine too. The first one could be nice if you sort your WB out and maybe lighten up those shadows a little bit.
Thank you, all :)

I kind of forced tonemapping to the jpgs. The original pictures looked dull and grayish so I played with the curves and levels and the color. They looked more alive than the original that not until you guys pointed it out did I realize that it had yellowish tint. Yeah, the white balance, I'll remember.

I don't mind, KP007. It looks better. ;) The other (earlier) version I had still had the Photomatix watermarks so I did it again. Here's the other picture. Oh, and the camera I used here is already 6 yrs old. It took me 6 years to discover how to properly use it.


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