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Dec 12, 2007
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Here's a newbie question. Just wanted to know if you could use any speedlite with any digital SLR. The speedlite that I got in my kit is very generic and doesn't seem to respond. I have an Olympus FL-36 also, but am not sure if I can use it with my Rebel XTI. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


In short, No it wont work, You will need a canon dedicated flash. The are other brands that support canon TTL other than canon, just click the B&H link on the top right of this page and search for "Canon TTL"

You can however use it off camera with a sync cable or radio trigger in a strobist type setup.
If your flash has a single pin on the bottom of the hotshoe it will work. You just need to make sure the voltage is compatible with your camera. Someone posted a link to a site that would tell you if it was tht link might help here. If you have multiple pins on the bottom of the flash onless you know it is a dedicated to Canon I would stop uing it right away as you may cause damage to your camera.
Hey you saved me some time and quite possibly the life of my camera! Thanks again for the responses.


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