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Dec 8, 2012
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South Mississippi
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Nice looking shot, something to hang on the wall.
I just wonder how it looks in colour. Flamingos have pretty colours.
This is a beautiful shot.

Are you selling this anywhere? I wouldn't mind picking up a print. Very pretty.

Thanks for sharing!
That's a winner...excellent. nominated for October POTM

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Wow, thanks jcdeboever!

Luke, I'm not selling in any particular place but it would be no problem ordering and sending a print, just let me know.

timor, these particular flamingos had almost no color at all, very very drab and muted pink. I'm not sure if it is a different species or if it was just a breeding/age thing. I was shooting in very low light at high ISO. Once I started editing and realized how nice the contrast turned out, I immediately went for BW.
Looks like it is lesser flamingo. In fact they are almost white or barely pinkish.

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