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Dec 25, 2007
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Im 13 and i just got a new camera(Canon 20D) and i as thinking about purchasing a flash or flashes. I take skateboard pics and thats about it. I am a noob and need help! I was wondering how wireless flashes work? Can you move them around ? Tell me what you know.

how does
that know when to flash
is there some sort of sensor
on the hot shoe? please help
do the pocket wizards come with flashes? Or do they take certain ones?
Does anybody recommend a model?
no the pocket wizard is just a reciver to tell the flashes when to go off for skating i would get some cheap flashes because you just starting out get two alright ones that can do well in the daytime so you dont have to spend money on really high powerd ones for night also skaters could run into them or they could fall i mean youve probably seen that done is skate videos before i know i have ha
So are compatable with any flash?
"any" is hard to say. No one knows all flashes in existance. In GENERAL, if they accept an off hot shoe signal from a camera, they can do so from the pocket wizard. They are expensive, though.
So would i be pretty much set with something like this??
I started with a 20D. It's a darn fine camera!!!!
Save up and get a Canon 580 EX. (It doesn't have to be the latest version).

Anyhoo, it's a great little setup. If you buy two, you can slave one. Or, if you want to stick with just the one, you can do the pocket wizard route, and still use it as a fill light.
Have fun and be sure to share your photos. My son loves skateboarding!

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