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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by ctribble, Sep 3, 2006.

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    I was thinking about buying the digi bee set from Alien Bee. My first question is should I bother with this set? Why or Why not? Second, and this is a dumb question but should I still use my 580ex flash if I am pushing two strobe lights? Do I still need to use the Canon Speedlite 580ex? Or will the main and fill lights be enough light? This is for portrait photography.


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    I think first you have to ask yourself what are you going to be photographing, and in what space? Are 2 400 Ws lights going to give you what you need? What kind of lighting are you hoping to achieve?

    I looked at the DigiBee and felt that I didn't want 400ws lights. I wanted more power in the event that I would be shooting large groups, or shooting outside. I have needed that extra power. I also bought a softbox up front, because I think it's absolutely essential. I bought an extra shoot through umbrella also, so I could have 2 uniform umbrellas.

    Depending on your available funds, you might also consider some of those options.
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    You probably wouldn't want to use a 580 on the camera in conjunction with two studio strobes IMO. For a single portrait, you'll be adjusting the lights at a steepish angle to the subject in order to use the lighting to show the contours and detail as appropriate.

    A full on, passport style, flash from an onboard unit may ruin the abovementioned effect. Not to mention whether your camera will be keen on handling pc-lead/synch simultaneously with on-board. Also, they may not fire exactly at the same time which may lead to the shutter being shadowed over the image at a lower synch speed.

    Any help?


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