Flashpoint M monolights - compatible speeding?


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Jan 7, 2009
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Miami, FL
Hello all, I meant to write speedring, I have several flashpoint 320M monolights, I believe these are the Adorama brand and for some reason they are phased out. They are good monolights and I have no complaints about the except for the speedring.
This seems to be a propietory speedring to be used with their flashpoint softboxes that are no longer available. I had the fortune of buying 2 rectangular softboxes so I'm good there. The problem is that I'm looking to take the flashpoint to the beach for some shoots and power it back with the flashpoint M battery pack. I have a Godox 37 octobox that has bowens speedring, I bought this hoping to use a speedlight but found that the speedlight is very underpowered. I was hoping to find a speedring that could work with a bowens mount octobox and a flashpoint 320M.
Adorama can't seem to give me any options, they point at the glow speedring but they don't say is this solves my problem, I don't want to buy another octobox when I already have one.
Any advice?

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