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Nov 26, 2007
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Whats better? Are your pictures more protected on one site vs the other (as far as copyrighting). Using the free membership options as a catalyst, which one would you choose? Do you have both? If so which one do you upload more pictures to? Thanks for looking.
I use Flickr for sharing my photos with other Flickr members and I used Photobucket for hosting my photos that I share on this site or other sites.
I use photobucket, it's fine.
I kinda think it's cool to add a flickr URL at the bottom of posts so people can see your work....does photoshop do anything like that?
Personally, being a Mac user, I feel that flickr is much more Mac friendly. I like the layout and the way the page works better than Photobucket. It also seems more like a community to me while photobucket just feels more like a place to host your pics.. if that makes sense... If you just want to host your pics so people can look at them, they are both good options.
I was once told that photobucket compresses the images more than flickr. Can anyone confirm this?
Can't say that I've tried any of the other sites, I just went straight in and used flickr and never wanted to change as I like it, the community/users are great and there's some fantastic stuff to look at for reference. But as bhop says, it does work pretty well with the mac and there are plenty apps that let you play nicely with flickr.
To be honest I don't like photobucket a lot. It is good enough for posting images, but not photograps. It somehow lacks some art feeling, dunno how to call it. I use it only as a private password protected gallery with snapshots from our friend-shared flat. For presenting photos, I'd go with flickr or deviantart. The community also counts.

On the other hand, if you can write your own simple gallery website, go for it. In my opinion there is nothing better than a simple but pretty gallery made by a photographer. Photography is a very personal thing, and presenting it in a personal way adds even more value to the art.
I use flickr, and I like that is has the EXIF loaded from my photos on there. I also like the different groups that are there, great discussion topics

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