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Mar 25, 2006
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Sydney, Australia
hey, i took this once by chance... was watchin TV with my little cuz, fiddling with my camera, and i just turned to him and said smile, and i got this one :) so then i though id play with it in PS. it was black and whitened (yeh i made that phrase up) using channel mixer. PLEASE rip this one apart, i wanna know what you dont like about it so i can get better :) you guys are all too nice uaually, haha...

Really isnt much wrong with this one.. For a candid shot it turned out pretty darn good!!!
looks pretty good.

If I'm being fussy (really fussy) i would say the skin tones look a little flat for my own personal taste, prob because you've used a lot of the red channel when mixing. Maybe try adding a tad more green channel and a little less red.

Might also be an idea to use the dodging tool just a tiny bit, to really bring his eyes out, just apply it to the iris (set on highlight).

That said, i think it's a pretty good shot
You caught a great expression! It looks a little flat to me, and JohnMF gave some great suggestions. A bit more contrast and I think you'll like the results better!
ok i took your advise and played with the photo again. heres the results. i didnt do and dodging because im not too experienced with it and couldnt get it to look good (after about 10 mins of playing). to be honest only about 5 mins was put into this so it wasnt given all the though that i could have. but her it is anyways...


Personally i like it a bit better than the 1st but im not experienced enough to judge it well yet...

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