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Jan 21, 2007
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Very lucky shot for me. The aircraft was light and so took off quite quickly. The light on the ground was terrible and in dark shadows, but the sky was bright blue, and so I managed to get this. Any longer take off and would have been an underexposed boring looking photo. Notice the gear is up already which suggests it was already at 1000ft!! Not an everday shot I can assure you, and especially for this VIP carrier!!.

What ya think?


My son's guess is this is a Boing 737-200.

And as a photo it is just as good as any of the airport/aircraft photos you have shown us so far, and you were lucky you had this interestingly painted plane "at your disposal", so the light blue sky is THE perfect backdrop for it! :D
He says "All wrong, all wrong, change what you wrote, 737-200 it is not, that series is from too long ago. Say I said 737-300 or 500!"

So I am saying it. (He could come write it all up himself, but ...)
hehe yes it is indeed a 737-300 (or Boeing 737-3L9(QC) operated by Titan Airways. Yes the backdrop was perfect, and ive never seen this aircraft before, so it all fell nicely into place.. but it almost was a lost opportunity with the bad light lower down.
^Bump^ for those that missed :)
hehe... no.. the sky here IS that colour, even in winter (if its not stormy). No manipulation there. Infact the kelvin is so high in summer that it looks fake most of the time and plays havoc with exposures!

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