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    I just purchased a K20D and am really having trouble figuring out the best way to set the focus. There seems to be 3 different spots for focusing. I mainly take pictures of my kids, fast moving subjects, I guess you would say. I'm also finding that when I have it set to auto, the focus almost never ends up focusing on what I inteded it to. (ie want the face sharp, but the chest ends up sharp)... anyways, any info would be awesome. thanks

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    Most dSLR cameras have a couple of focus modes: single and continuous, a couple of focus areas: spot and dynamic and the choice to release, or not release the shutter if focus has not been acheived.

    These aspects of auto focus would be described in the K20D user's manual.

    To shoot kids as they are moving around you would want to use continuous focus mode, dynamic area and release the shutter even if focus hasn't been acheived.

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