Focusing with Canon R6 mark ii


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Jul 16, 2007
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Recently purchased Canon R6 Mark ii after using Canon 6D for almost 9 years. Using this camera I feel as if using completely new technology and extremely pleased to see results.

Just one very basic issue that I am facing is while clicking a Group photo how to lock focus on eye of a specific person. Using one spot focusing if I focus a person and recompose, the it goes to the eyes of other random person.

As a solution, in one video on youtube for R6 learned a work around at 3.23 to change under the purple menu page 5 in settings 'Initial servo AF point for' to 'one point'. This means that when we focus on a face in group, it will look for the eye of that person only.

This option is not available in Canon R6 ii somehow.

If I do not want to use back button focusing then is there a way to resolve this?


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