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Focusing Problem


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Sep 22, 2010
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Hey everyone I'm new to the forum I use a Cannon Rebel T1i and was given a Canon 7d from a family member. I use my T1i for almost everything since I spent a fair amount of time saving up to buy it with a couple lenses. I don't use the 7d much because I want to get better before wearing and tearing it.
I take a lot of photographs of dogs because I work with the local animal shelter by placing their animals on petfinder.com for adoption. So I'm forced to shoot moving targets constantly. I seem to be plagued with a focusing problem. I'm new to photography so some advice on technique or anything to help me fix this problem would be much appreciated. Here is a example of what I get while trying to shoot these furry little critters.

Looks like a combo of motion blur/camera shake and missed focus..
Actually looks like you're focused on the fence, in the background.

What focus point was set, and what focus mode? For a dog running around, I'd use center point and AI Servo. Your shutter speed of 1/250 is so-so for your focal length of 229mm... it would be nice to halve that, make it 1/500.. your ISO would be at 1600 at that point though to get the same exposure :(

I'd use an opportunity like this to practice panning, with a shutter speed of maybe 1/60.. see if you can get some really dramatic shots.
First, the repeating geometric pattern of the fence is something that is confusing to autofocus.

Second your subject (the dog) is to close to the same brightness as it's surroundings (low contrast) another situation that makes auto focus perform in an erratic manner.

The solution to your problem is to use TTL flash.

Lower the ISO to 100, set the flash sync to the second curtain, set the camera to Av mode, set the aperture to wide open and turn on the focus assist feature.
are you on single servo?

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are you on single servo?

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Not a dating site... Yet.

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