Foggy Dirt road


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Feb 20, 2009
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This little dirt road that runs down a open field caught my eye. I tried to use the road as a way of bringing your attention to the tree, and then leading the road into oblivion.
I Cloned out some trees in the backround and added some fog in ps to try and tie in the whole lonely feel of this dirtroad.
I like the lonely look but agree it would be better if it included the whole tree.
I don't think having the whole tree in it is neccessary actually. Just because most foggy tree photos do, that doesn't mean yours needs to also. I personally like it and I think the road adds just that extra bit of interest that make the photo great.
Thanks for the comments. Including the whole tree would have ruined the illusion. this tree is one of like 5 trees in a close bunch. Like I said in the orignal post there was a tree line in the backround as well, I had to clone them out in ps.
The simplicity of the lone tree is great. B&W suits this image - adding fog was a nice finishing touch.

Would like to see a larger version though..


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