For all the people that want high ISO performance (D7000)

I'm gonna hold off judgement until I can see the same shot, in the same light, at the same time, with a competitor such as the 7D or other such camera
There's a lot of "new" in this camera that needs to be tested - new AF system, new sensor ...
Personally, I plan on beating my D90 to death for another year and then buying the D300s replacement. ;)
If you tell me which parts should be interesting, I'll translate it.
I heard the D7000 will do HDR in camera, for both stills AND video! It will also accept Canon EOS mount lenses without an adapter! It will come with a free copy of Lightroom 3 and automatically get you into the closed beta for Lightroom 4! It has wireless 3g that will let you upload your pics to Flickr anywhere you have a signal!

(And because sarcasm can be difficult to detect in written word, this is why we don't base our knowledge of a new product, based on information released by a third party for a product that doesn't actually exist in the consumer space yet. I'm not saying any of the original claims are wrong, I'm just saying we don't know anything yet. Let's wait until the camera actually comes out and the masses have time to play with it.)

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