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May 6, 2007
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For those here that use as their lab, how do you upload pictures? Do you use the LabPrints, or a ftp program? Or do you use the ROES? That one seems to be a flash program, I havent tried it yet because im on dial up, and I was hoping to be able to use one of the others.

Ive installed LabPrints, and im completly lost in it. I have 24 8x10's I want to upload and get printed through their pick-a-pack service, but I dont see how to do that in labprints.

I tried smartFTP, but I cant even connect to the server yet.

Its a shame they dont have something like smugmug's interface. :)
I Use the ROES system and have never had any problems wth it. Good luck!
Are you able to choose pick a pack with Roes?

Apperantly you can use ie or a file browser as an ftp program, so hopefully I can use the computer at the library to upload the pictures. Only have the option for dial up here.

I did figure out smart ftp, but its only good for 29 more days, maybe 28 now. :)
I figured this out. I was confusing roes with thrifty printing before, now I realize its just another way to upload.

I put an order through, but now im wondering when I get the bill. Normally you see how much before you hit submit. My page says the order has shipped.
Roes shows you the total before you place the order.
YOu will get a copy of the invoice with your order.
I got them today, and im happy that I placed the order properly. And they look great! :D They do a great job, plus they included a tootsie pop.

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